Brandon Shelton

Brandon Shelton - Robotics Tech

How long have you been with AESG?

Since November 20, 2022

What is your professional/academic background?

I started in the tech industry about five years ago, working for Canon. Prior to joining AESG, I spent two years in manufacturing engineering for one of the biggest FinTech companies in the world, and I’m currently pursuing a degree in electronics engineering technology.

What is your role with AESG?

I’m a Robotics Tech on paper, but on the shop floor, I am a member of the AESG team, playing to win every day!

What about your background helps you in your current position?

My previous experience in production environments with modern automated processes has made for a smooth transition. There are many major similarities between some of the newer mechatronics gear I used to work on and the older-style robots that we rebuilt here at AESG.

What is your favorite robot to work on?

Definitely the DBM’s, they are Dance Bot Machines that have two arms and moonwalk on a track!

What would you like to learn more about (robot, system, technology, etc.)?

I want to deepen my understanding of the processes used in manufacturing semiconductors.

What robot would you like to see AESG work on?

KUKA KR100’s and KR210’s look really cool!

What is the most exciting thing you have learned while at AESG?

Learning about the different environments that SCARA’s can be found in is definitely exciting. My favorite would have to be the ones that go inside the vacuum chamber

How would you describe what AESG does if you met someone at a trade show or conference?

At AESG, we service automation equipment used in the semiconductor industry.

We work with our clients to solve problems.

No two pieces of equipment are exactly the same, so no two rebuilds are the same either. Along with the strict processes and procedures we follow, an individual approach must be taken with each controller, aligner, robot, or accessory.