Jacquelynne Booth

Jacquelynne Booth​ - Office Manager

How long have you been with AESG?

Four years!

What is your professional/academic background?

Processing all accounting procedures, which used to be known as a Full Charge Bookkeeper.

What is your role with AESG?

I am the Office Manager.

What about your background helps you in your current position?

The ability to work with limited supervision, stay focused, and have integrity.

What robot would you like to see AESG work on?

Robby the Robot from the movie ‘Forbidden Planet’  😀

Where do you see yourself in the next two to five years?

As much as I love ASEG, I would likely see myself retired and traveling.

How would you describe AESG’s actions if you met someone at a trade show or conference?

We do diagnostic and testing for automated equipment, plus repair and refurbishment.

Any other personal information you’d like to include in your bio? 

Too many to mention but here’s a few……

  • Sunday School teacher to 6-8 year olds
  • Counseling adults within the Christian community
  • Amateur Ballroom dancer winning many awards
  • Interior decorating