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About AESG, Inc.

AESG, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality in diagnostic and testing techniques for automated equipment repair and refurbishment. We have developed definitive standards that we use to support the semiconductor industry with unparalleled automated equipment line and component-level repair.

AESG is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management Systems for Robotics and Automation Repair services for the Semiconductor Industry. Providing quality repairs and after-repair support going above and beyond customer expectations.

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We solve your robotics problems with repair and refurbishment services on robots, pre-aligners and controllers. Our focus is on quality and speed. We do repairs, enhanced repairs and full refurbishments of all your robotics needs.

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01. Repair

  • Estimate provided
  • Full diagnostics
  • Complete inspection
  • Factory specified parts
  • Minimum 24 hour cycle test
  • Complete point-by point final quality inspection
  • 90 day warranty

02. Full Refurbishment

  • Comprehensive rebuild of the unit
  • Statement of work (SOW) provided
  • Full diagnostics
  • Complete inspection
  • Factory specified Parts
  • 48 hour burn-in test for repeatability
  • Complete point-by-point final quality inspection
  • 1 year warranty

03. Enhanced Repair

  • Initial repair plus proactive parts replacement
  • Statement of work (SOW) provided
  • Full diagnostics
  • Complete inspection
  • Factory specified parts
  • Minimum 24 hour cycle test
  • Complete point-by-point final quality inspection
  • 6 month warranty

04. Support

Technical phone support is provided on all equipment serviced by AESG, Inc.

We provide onsite training on trouble shooting, basic diagnostics, and proper setup.

We have field service engineers available to provide onsite support for all of our currently supported product lines, including PRI/Equipe, Brooks Automation, Kensington Labs, Ludl & ADE robots and controllers.

Models We Support

Kensington Robot




Brooks Wafer Robot


Pri Equipe / Brooks


Cybeq Robot




Established Reputation

Sectors we work In

AESG is committed to servicing mature semiconductor capital equipment SCARA robots, repairing and rebuilding them, to help our customers keep these tools up and running as much as possible. We service all the SCARA robots for the industry, from low-volume models to the highest-volume models. Our in-process quality checks enable us to keep driving up quality standards on all the diverse designs. Our dedicated team of professionals are cross trained on products so we can flex with customer demands.


Microelectromechanical Devices

Legacy Capex

We Provide Everything You Need To Get You Back Up & Running


We work with proven processes to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

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Utilizing proven protocal, the same results can be expected everytime, all the time.


The highest standards provide quality built in and excellence for all of our clients.


ISO Certified

AESG ISO9001 Certified

AESG obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification of its Quality Management System for the design, development, and delivery of advisory services to U.S. Federal Government Clients.

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