AESG Announces a New Tool to Robot Integration Program

integrated tool program

AESG is offering a new service program to assist in setting up legacy automation in legacy capital equipment.

AESG supports legacy SCARA OEM’s, most of whom have been out of business for years now. During their heyday, each SCARA OEM had their own specific set of commands by which to control the robot, pre-aligner or stage. Of this broad range of commands, their customers, the tool OEM’s, would down select specific commands for their particular application. Traditionally the tool OEM would be the first line of defense in any troubleshooting, but especially when setting up the robot, pre-aligner or stage as these components would set the tool throughput.

A slow teach would mean a less than committed tool throughput. Since many tools warranty structure and performance metrics are based on tool throughput, a slower taught robot would hit the tool OEM in the pocketbook. The fact that the tool OEM’s would not inform the SCARA OEM of the commands they used was secondary to this throughput concern. It just makes a difficult situation all the more problematic.

Since machine tools are designed to perform longer than it takes to pay for them, lots of these legacy tools are still being used today. Unfortunately, most of the tribal knowledge of how a particular tool OEM set up a particular SCARA OEM’s components has been lost to the mists of time. Fortunately for you, AESG has picked up some of this lost knowledge. While we cannot commit to teach the tool for process qualification, we have extensive expertise with the SCARA OEM’s we support and how some of the tool OEM’s use these components. As such, we can assist you in setting up a legacy SCARA or stage in a legacy machine tool. Just ask!