AESG Moves

Automated Equipment Services Group, Inc. (AESG) Announces Relocation to Modern Facility

Automated Equipment Services Group, Inc. (AESG) is a privately held Virginia Beach-based robotic repair company specializing in providing high-quality diagnostic and testing techniques for automated equipment repair, and refurbishment moved its headquarters to a new office and rebuild facility in a high-sought-after technology space in Virginia Beach.

“We are thrilled to have relocated our corporate headquarters. This move has been years in the making and provides the company with our continued growth going forward. The new facility is five times larger than the previous facility, allowing AESG to serve more customers and projects at once and increasing efficiencies in repair times. Moving into this new space further highlights our exceptional technology services, a team of skilled technicians, and decades of experience. Our company is positioned to continue delivering leading-edge robotic repair solutions for companies across the globe well into the future.” Frank Vanella, CEO

The 12,000+ square foot building, located at 2700 International Pkwy STE 50, in Virginia Beach, is a substantial upgrade from the company’s prior offices and will provide the necessary infrastructure for AESG to continue its current momentum of robotic repair and services.

The move is a welcome transition for the team of 11 employed at AESG locally and nationally, who support global clients. “Providing excellent client support and services begins with hiring the right people and empowering them with the tools they need to thrive,” said Peter Lundquist, AESG Sales Representative. “We remain focused on employee satisfaction. Our move to a larger, more comfortable location means we can support our team’s improved office experience while maintaining unparalleled client experiences.”