Where Do We Find Most Mag 7s?

Where Do We Find Most Mag 7s?

We are excited to announce that we are adding the Brooks Mag 7 vacuum SCARA to our services, beginning early next year.

For over 18 years, AESG has been developing ISO standard procedures for the Mag 7, including proprietary in-process QC procedures and fixtures for the frog legs. These procedures help businesses keep their capex up and available, driving down your total cost of ownership.

Mag 7 Robot Overview:

The Brooks Automation MagnaTran™ 7 wafer transfer robot is designed for production environments requiring minimum vibration, minimum particle contamination, and high throughput with high-reliability performance in an ultra-high vacuum environment.

The MagnaTran 7 is a compact, cylindrical, ergonomically designed robot utilizing a concentrically mounted drive assembly with integral, DSP-based control electronics. Continuous rotation capability, no dynamic seals, drive belts, or moving cables in
effective operation.

The MagnaTran 7 wafer transfer robot is designed for applications where a maximum reach of 1050 mm from the robot’s center line to the wafer’s center line is required. Wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm may be handled.

So, where do we find most Mag 7s?

  • They are the only vacuum robot in a Lam Research 2300 etch platform
  • Lam Research uses the 2300 transport module for all of their dry plasma etch modules (metal, poly, and dielectric)
  • The 2300 was produced from approximately 1999 to 2019, with an estimated installed base of 15,000 units in service today

What services will AESG provide?

  • Perform an incoming visual check for obvious shipping damage.
  • Rebuild/replace T1-Axis, T2-Axis, Z-Axis motors.
  • Rebuild Z-axis linear guide.
  • Rebuild Z-axis lead nut.
  • Inspect, test and replace T1 & T2 encoders/read heads as needed.
    Inspect, test and replace home sensors.
  • Replace all bearings.
    Replace O-rings.
  • Rebuild of bi-symmetric arm set.
  • Axes encoder calibrations.
  • Firmware will remain the same as incoming to retain configuration files.
  • Perform vacuum leak testing.
  • Dynamic repeatability testing of wafer cycling for 24 hours.
  • Refurbishment is recommended for robots over five years old.

Let us give you an assessment of your Mag 7 to support your operational needs.